You Reap What You Sow


The paths that we take and the choices that we make shape our lives.

This series challenges us to make the connection between our behaviours (past, present and future) and our circumstances (past, present and future). There is a causal link between what we do and how we feel, between what we choose to believe, how we choose to act on those beliefs,  and the consequences of those choices.

We begin with the over-arching principle – the link between the choices we make and the outcomes we experience, or others experience, because of our choices. We then look at some specifics – you reap what you sow in…
  •  Private disciplines & Powerful experiences 
  •  Pivotal circumstances 
  •  Practical Teaching & Providential Relationships 
  •  Personal ministry 

Sunday 3rd September : A Harvest of Faith

  •  Devoting time to God can have a profound impact on us – maybe even a powerful experience of God. A life in which we commit time and energy to God and His church brings incalculable rewards.

Sunday 10th September : Trusting God

  • We don’t always have the answers to every problem that comes our way, but we should always look from a perspective of faith, not hopelessness. God’s perspective is vast and timeless and He is working his purposes out!

Sunday 17th September : Practice What You Preach

  • Because you get what you practice for (as opposed to what you falsely preach for). God is not fooled and neither are people, mostly – so stop fooling yourself.

Sunday 24th September : Help !

  • Helping others can have a profound impact on us as well as them - it grows our faith and shows our obedience to Jesus


The series takes place at our Sunday morning services  at 10.15 a.m. in our church building on South Hill Road, Bracknell. Our services include songs, prayer and video clips as well as a talk.

The event also includes tea, coffee, cold drinks and biscuits. Remix for 2-11 year olds and Unity for young people in school years 7-11 takes place at the same time as the service during the first three Sundays in the month. On the fourth Sunday (24th) we have a "Big Story" All Age service.

For more information about our Sunday services or any other event run by Easthampstead Baptist Church, please contact the church office on 01344 487744 or look elsewhere on this website.