Ready to Pray?

It was lovely yesterday (Sunday) to see some friends from EBC arriving to spend time in private prayer. So great to catch up briefly and, moreover, to spend some time alone with God in our beautiful hall.

I was quite excited setting things up on Friday and putting the finishing touches to things (adding flowers, lighting the candles etc) on Sunday.

Ready to pray 1

Of course, we know that God is everywhere and we can pray from anywhere – He doesn’t just live in the church building! However, trust me on this – there are places and there are places…. And on Sunday it was so easy and natural to pause, to rejoice in Him, to ask Him for and about things and to yield to Him.

Ready to pray 2            

Of course not everyone is yet ready or indeed able to come in, but rest assured we are doing all we can to make sure that those who do are safe. Whether you come in or not, I really hope that you are finding a place and a time to spend some quality time with God. Remember to –





Ready to pray 3

Every blessing,


Simon Lace, 06/07/2020