Jesus Moves into the community (JMC)

jmc logoAt EBC we are committed to serving and blessing our local community and the world. We work with several partners in different countries to fulfil the global part of our commitment, but we also want to bless our local community too.

We complete a number of larger projects as a church to help us do that, but we are keen to expand our impact in our local community. We believe that one of the ways we can do that is by encouraging and resourcing lots of smaller scale projects. EBC has grown to the point where gearing up the whole church for large projects takes significant amounts of time and energy. However encouraging and equipping smaller groups or individuals in the church to be doing smaller scale projects can happen much more quickly and potentially have a far bigger impact.

In order to do that we have put a pot of money aside to fund and resource these projects. We are using the heading “Jesus Moves into the Community Projects” (JMC Projects).

We want to encourage people who are a part of our church community to be developing ideas for how they might bless the local community. We want to encourage people to be as creative and innovative as possible. We want to be able to respond quickly to needs that people spot in our local area. 

Examples of previous JMC type projects that have run include:

  • Gardening at Holly House (sheltered housing for young people coming out of care)
  • Easter Egg gifts to Holly House (taking Easter Eggs to Holly House for the young people with a card saying “With love from Easthampstead Baptist Church”)
  • Giving a food box to someone moving in to the street we live in
  • Turning up at the Princes Square Car Park for a few hours on a Saturday just before Christmas and paying for people’s parking
  • Clearing litter from a local area
  • Painting a children’s play area that had fallen into disrepair
  • Gardening for single mums

JMC Projects need to be:

  • Small scale: able to be done by between 1 and 8 people (possibly a small group) and cost less than £100
  • Staffed: you need to make sure that you have got the other people you might need on board
  • Led by you: to be able to complete the project quickly you will need to take the lead and not expect church leaders to do it for you!
  • Feasible: you need to be able to do it!
  • One offs: the idea for these projects is that they should be one offs rather than on going (although an individual project might contribute to an on-going relationship with an organisation or location)
  • Able to demonstrate an impact on the community or on local people

If you have an idea for a JMC Project, you will need to:
  • Identify other people to be involved with you (it could be your friends from within or outside the church or your small group)W
  • ork out what will need to be done, when it will be done and how much it will cost
  • Complete the very simple form on the next page and submit it to Rob Lea (who will then consult with the Leadership Team) for the necessary resources
  • If the Leadership Team agrees the resources, lead the project and make it happen!
  • Write a very quick review after the project has been completed letting us know how it went

Click here to access the JMC Funding Request Form

Click here to view or download a paper version of these details and the form