EBC Culture Videos 

In January 2015 we started to record a series of videos in which Chris Porter, our Senior Minister talks about various subjects that are part of the culture we are trying to create at EBC. These videos will cover a range of topics from why we do what we do, how our services work, everyday church, our annual objectives and the vision and values that we are trying to live out.

Each of these videos is no more than 10 minutes long (most much less than that) and will give you vital insight into the kind of church we are and the kind of church we believe God is calling us to be.

We hope that you will watch them, enjoy them, learn from them, be challenged by them and if you have questions or comments then please do contact us and we would love to talk further with you about them.

July 2015 - Becoming a More Welcoming Church

Whilst not strictly speaking a video - this audio recording of some training we received from Nick Cuthbert definately fits under the heading of culture. Click here to listen to this fantastic session.

June 2015 - Serving

April 2015 - Inviting

March 2015 - Fishing

In this video Chris talks about our work with older people - click here to find out more about that. He also talks about our work with toddlers and their families - click here to find out more about that. He also talks about our Refresh cafe - click here to find out about that.

February 2015 - Giving

Click here to access the giving section of our EBC website.

February 2015 - Values and Mission

January 2015 - Annual Objectives

In this video Chris refers to our annual objectives document which you can view or download by clicking here