Reasonable Faith


RF Case for God PPoint A

This series is all about knowing and understanding the evidence that supports the Christian faith, so that we can have the confidence to live it and talk about it. The Christian faith is the best explanation of the historical facts about what happened after Jesus's crucifixion. As Christians we are called to be prepared to give a reason for our faith - and this series will help us to put that into words. If you are not a Christian or are not sure, this series provides a great opportunity to explore the facts and decide for yourself what is really true.

Sunday 8th April : What is the Evidence? Exhibit A - Jesus.
Exploring the facts about Jesus, the Son of God.

Sunday 15th April : What is the Evidence? Exhibit B - Life, the Universe and Everything
Exploring the evidence of God through the natural world and science. Recognising that Science and Faith are not incompatible.

Sunday 22nd April : What is the Evidence? Exhibit C - Paul
Exploring Paul's history which shows that anyone can change when they meet Jesus.

The series takes place at our Sunday morning services at 10.15 a.m. in our church building on South Hill Road, Bracknell. Our services include songs, prayer and video clips as well as a talk.

Remix for 2-11 year olds and Unity for young people in school years 7-11 takes place at the same time as the service during the first three Sundays in the month. On the 22nd April we have a "Big Story" All Age service.

Each week we have tea, coffee, cold drinks and biscuits after the service.

For more information about our Sunday services or any other event run by Easthampstead Baptist Church, please contact the church office on 01344 487744 or look elsewhere on this website.