Big Quiz Night 



We are thrilled to be taking part in the Big Quiz Night with hundreds of other hosts, bringing our friends and family together to stretch our brains and support the work of Tearfund,’  ‘The international development charity’s Big Quiz team has put a large amount of work into it in advance - we don’t have to think up questions or worry about what answers to accept! Whilst we’ve all taken part in quizzes recently over video calls, this promises to be a real challenge which we haven’t seen before.’

Tearfund’s ready-made quiz resources means we have everything we need to hold a quiz online, including questions suitable for all ages and teams, large or small.

Money raised will go to help change the lives of people living in poverty - like Alaya, her husband Bazwell and their three young children in Malawi. They rely on growing maize to survive, but the weather patterns that have guided their farming for generations have changed. And it’s putting everyone at risk of sickness and starvation. Frequent flooding brings diseases like cholera and damages their home, washing away what little food they have. With Tearfund’s partner, AG Care, Alaya and Bazwell are learning new ways of working the land under these tough conditions.

There is a Just Giving page set up for you to access to make your donation. We suggest at least £5.00 for each person taking part.

Due to the current restrictions we are holding this as an online event so you might have to be creative in how you put together a team.  Tear Fund recommend no more than 4—6 in a team or just do it as a family.  We will be doing this through the Zoom platform, so you need to be able to access this. 

To take part in Tearfund’s Big Quiz Night on Saturday 14th November at 7.30pm please sign up by emailing the church office—  or ringing 01344 487744