Come to the Table

Come to the Table Powerpoint

Join us for our new series “Come to the Table” running throughout January.  Jesus preached a good news message – and IS a good news message – about the Kingdom of heaven that is simultaneously now, and still to come. What is our part in that message, and how will we live it out? Join us as we explore Jesus’s teaching about inviting people to a feast, and discover together how we can be people of good news!
Sunday 10th January: “Total Gospel.”
God is interested in the whole of our lives, now and eternally – and we are to bring and be good news to people while we’re here. Good news for the poor, the lost, the lonely, the brokenhearted….

Sunday 17th January: “Are You Sitting Comfortably?”
Jesus made it clear that our priority should not be the various concerns of this world, but about spending time with God. He wants every chair at the banquet table filled… but does not force us to attend!

Sunday 24th January: “Environmentally Friendly?”
When we think of inviting people, we think about the environment we’re inviting them into, and take care over it. In church, we need to think not only about the environment of the church building but think too about what does our own personal environment looks like! Are we inviting people into a good, Godly environment?

Sunday 31st January: RSVP
What will our invitation to people look like? How will we invite people into our lives? How will that differ from person to person? Clearly it will vary depending if we’re talking about a spouse, a friend, a colleague or a stranger in need – but we should think about this – what better invitation will we extend in the light of Jesus?