EBC No 10 Powerpoint 2




Join us for our series “10” in which we explore the exciting and challenging truth behind these ancient precepts. In the words of Canon J. John, “the Ten Commandments are not obsolete, but they are absolute.”


30th May - 10:The One and Only (You Shall Have No Other Gods)

6th June - 10: Idol Threats (You Shall Not Make for Yourself an Idol)

13th June - 10: What’s in a Name? (You Shall Not Misuse God’s Name)

20th June - 10: Catch Your Breath (Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy)

27th June - 10: We Are Family (Honour Your Father and Mother)

4th July - 10: Anger Management (You Shall Not Murder)

11th July - 10: To Have and to Hold (You Shall Not Commit Adultery)

18th July - 10: Stop, Thief! (You Shall Not Steal)

25th July - 10: The Truth Will Set You Free (You Shall Not Bear False Witness)

1st August - 10: True Contentment (You Shall Not Covet)