Songs of Faith

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Join us in May as we take a look at some of King David’s psalms that explore different aspects of faith. We hope to really engage people with the psalms, so that you make them a regular touchstone of your faith, and get you thinking about how you talk to God yourself!

Often people don’t know how to pray or struggle to express difficult emotions with God. The psalms, though, are filled with such emotions! How good would it be if we could all open up to God in the way the psalmist did!

God already knows our experiences and emotions – instead of bottling them up we should open up to God and talk about how we are feeling with Him. The idea is that we can be completely honest with God about how we are feeling - and our attitudes will change, we will change, as we go to Him in searingly honest prayer.

Sunday 1st May: 9.30 and 11.00am  “Under Attack”. We all go through really hard times when it is confusing, dark and difficult. We may even harbour ill feelings towards other people who seem or are actually against us. God knows how we feel anyway – we may as well be honest with Him!

Sunday 8th May: 9.30 and 11.00am “God’s Sovereignty”. God made us and utterly knows us. His thoughts are always with us and he knows every detail. We can never escape God and even when we have bad feelings we can still come to God and ask Him to guide us and lead us.

Sunday 15th May: 9.30 and 11.00am “All the Days”. God is always with us, no matter what the season or circumstances, and wherever we go, His goodness and mercy follow us.

Sunday 22nd May: 11.00am  “Songs of Faith”. Allsorts service.