Deep and Wide

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For over a decade, EBC has followed a model for ‘doing church’ that is designed to reach out to people who don’t, for whatever reason, normally come to church or who stopped coming a long time ago. We have been hugely blessed and inspired in our approach by the ministry of North Point Community Church in Atlanta, Georgia and the teaching and books of their Senior Pastor, Andy Stanley. Andy’s books include “Communicating for a Change” and “Deep & Wide” and these have been and remain a very significant influence on our approach to preaching and services as a whole.

At the same time, we have in recent years recognised EBC’s need for us to keep emphasizing, teaching and modelling deep personal discipleship, and how it is only by our first being disciples – authentic followers of Jesus – that we can authentically invite and encourage others to join us and do likewise.

With all this in mind, this January we want to re-cast our vision of a church that people who don’t ‘do church’ love to become part of. We’ll be revisiting some of Andy’s ideas and weaving in some thinking of our own that has brought some nuances to the approach we had used previously. In the end, we want to invite people into our church family and see EBC grow both spiritually and numerically. We don’t just want people to come to church – we want them to come to Christ.

Sunday 8th January: Going Deep
Services are at 9.30am (live-streamed) and 11.00am. Our Team Leader, Simon Lace, talks us through our primary call as Christians – to personally follow Jesus as His disciples, and how we can go about nurturing our own relationship with God.

Sunday 15th January: Reaching Wide
Services are at 9.30am (live-streamed) and 11.00am. Simon explains how our discipleship includes the call to bring others into relationship with Jesus – and how best we can go about that as individuals and as church.

Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd January: The Way of Jesus
Join us for our church weekend at home, where we will be using New Wine resources for the teaching and seminars to ‘go deep’ with God.
Put the dates in your diary and come prepared for a weekend of teaching and worship.

Due to copyright issues, we will be unable to live-stream these events.

Sunday 29th January: What does wide look like for us?
Join us for our All-Sorts service at 11am where we will look at practical ways we might ‘go wide’. There is no live-stream for this service.

Our first church meeting of 2023 will be after the service.