Generating Support 

Some Dorothy Springer Trust Supporters have already heard the disappointing news that the DST Offices in Freetown were broken into last week and the generator was stolen. Understandably, Abs (DST CEO) was both shocked and upset by this theft. Not least because it comes just a few weeks after 2 heavy duty batteries were stolen from his truck that was parked at the Freetown Cheshire Home.
However, though he was down, he was not out! Now he is even more determined than ever to ensure that those with disabilities in Sierra Leone get all the help and support that he (with our help) can give them. The following has just been posted by Abs on Facebook:
This is a long post, but please read to the end (I am usually nervous to make public appeals, but this is really painful, frustrating and discouraging........ On Thursday 19 January 2017, thieves broke through the offices of the Dorothy Springer Trust, located at the Belgium Community (at 8 Pultney Street), breaking through four padlocks and a hinge at the side entrance and our powerful and essential 7kva Lumtop generatorwas stolen. The matter was immediately reported to the Crimes Unit of the Central Police Station, who visited the premises and took some items with them including a torchlight, crowbar, etc, which were left by the thieves.

The Dorothy Springer Trust is a UK and Sierra Leone registered organisation that is transforming the lives of People with Disabilities (PWDs) in SL through IT training and employment creation. We have trained up to 40 PWDs in ICT, of whom 33 are in employment, supporting themselves, their families and contributing to national development through the payment of their taxes.
The generator is important for our training at the DST Training Centre, especially, the recent frequent power cuts we are facing in the midst of our 7 months intermediate level ICT training of disabled people. As we review our security situation in an office that owns expensive training equipment including computers, printers, servers, etc; we have developed a holistic security plan. Also, the continued frequent power cuts, is causing real difficulty to deliver our current 7 months training programme for persons with disabilities


We are calling on our friends and supporters to kindly make financial contributions to ensure that our efforts are not frustrated again to the extent that we have to close down our operations in Sierra Leone.
The plan and requirements in priority are as follows:
  1. Wielding additional A-locks and making the gates secure. Raising the wall at the backyard of the building and put razor wire at the top to deter thieves. Purchase of local material and workmanship - £150. This is being done with our local funds.
  2. Purchase of a quiet second-hand 7kv diesel generator with wheels for ease of moving it inside and outside the building. £700
  3. Requesting Armed Police Personnel from the Sierra Leone Police to provide man protection for the office at a cost of £200 per month.
  4. Engage a private security firm - already had discussion with one agency. For 1 security personnel at night only, a negotiated monthly fee is £200. But this scenario will be similar to option 3 in terms of sustainably paying the agency.
  5. Strengthening security with technology i.e. install wired alarm system, with 3 simple CCTV cameras (frontage, side entrance and back) powered by 2 solar panels (I already have one of my own) and a 1 terabyte recording system to ensure there is constant power and constant recording of movements in and around the building. We already have a wireless PIR alarm system I took from my former home in the UK but there was no PIR for the generator room. We need about 5 more wireless PIR for a Yale Alarm System. Initial outlay is estimated £2,500 to £3,000 for the CCTV and the alarm system
Please help with the financing of this plan; your generosity will be very much appreciated and is really needed at this time.
UK Contact: Rob Lea (Chairman of DST) Phone: 07776,234324 email:
SL Contact: Abs Dumbuya (CEO DST) DST Office, Pultney Street, Freetown.

Finally, it goes without saying (but I'm going to say it anyway!), if you can provide some financial support right now, please do so - don't leave it to someone else.
Rob Lea, 25/01/2017