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Treasurer Update


Here is the latest financial update for this year – 1st January to 31st October. In fact, this will be the last update in the ‘EBC Weekly Mail’ this year, though I will give more detailed information at the Church Meeting on Tuesday 30th November. I have used the same format as the one that I have used previously:

Total expenditure: £201,275 (Budget £226,803) - Within budget.
Total income: £202,162 (Budget £220,417) - Under budget.
We currently have a small surplus of £887.

Once again, I am pleased to report that our core giving is keeping up well, though we are slightly behind budget. A huge thank you to all those people who have continued, or even increased, their regular giving – you know who you are……..

Lettings to the end of October were £18,000 behind budget, and we are forecasting that by the year end we will be around £20,000 below budget.

As you know, our Gift Day 2021 was on Sunday and many of you have already made some generous gifts – thank you! If you haven’t given yet, please don’t let this opportunity to be part of the ‘EBC Mission’ in Sierra Leone and the local community in Bracknell pass you by – dig deep! (If all this is news to you, please speak to either me or Kat Morling in EBC Office for more detail).

I will announce the total given (so far) at the Church Meeting on 30th November – please be there if you can.



Rob Lea, 10/11/2021


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