What is Storehouse?

EBC Storehouse is a ministry of Easthampstead Baptist Church (EBC), based in South Hill Road, Bracknell.

The purpose of Storehouse is to meet the needs of those in our community who are experiencing a difficult time in their lives. This may be sending a card, some flowers or providing a meal, but often can be something bigger than that.

Storehouse can also help people out with household items. We take in good quality used furniture and household items which can then be passed on to someone in need of them. This can be someone we know of through our own contacts or through other agencies such as Social Services, Berkshire Women's Aid or Silva Homes. We don't take in white goods as we can't guarantee they would meet the required safety standards, but if someone is in need of white goods, we would try and help out if we can. We have a Storehouse van and this is used to collect and deliver larger items.

Special EBC offerings keeps the Storehouse fund topped up. 

If you are aware of people who are in need of this kind of help, or have items you wish to donate, please email or call the church office on 01344 487744.