Sierra Leone


Let us introduce you to one of the most inspiring people you may ever meet. His name is Abs Dumbuya (the one in the stripey shirt in this photo). Abs was born in Sierra Leone and at five years of age contracted polio. He lost the use of both of his legs and was placed into a children’s home by his family. He grew up in one of the poorest countries in the world where life is hard for everyone, but for someone with a physical disability is beyond hard. He used to drag himself miles to school every day. But through education he was able to see a future. Then he came to England and unknown to him was supported by a lady called Dorothy Springer to further his education at University. Two degrees and a PhD later Abs was now Dr Dumbuya and got a great job. He also joined our church here at Easthampstead.

Abs has now gone back to live in Sierra Leone to establish the work of the Dorothy Springer Trust which he has set up to provide high quality IT education for young people with disabilities.

This set of web pages tells you all about our links in Sierra Leone and the work that we are doing there. We hope that as you read it and you are inspired and can see how you can get involved too.


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