Some Good News....... 

I think that most people know that our good friend and church member, Dr. Abdulai Dumbuya (Abs) works tirelessly to promote disability issues and Christian love in Sierra Leone. There are four main areas in which he spends his time: The Dorothy Springer Trust, The Freetown Cheshire Home, Regents Road Baptist Church, Advocacy for the disabled (This includes TV and radio shows, newspaper articles and working with government agencies, including the President!)
He recently posted a report on Facebook concerning a robbery at The Dorothy Springer Trust Offices in Freetown. A generator was stolen and the breach of security caused some severe hardship. The response so far has been excellent and Abs will be giving an up date on this soon. A few days ago, he posted another report, but this time concerning The Freetown Cheshire Home; and this time it was good news! Following is the post as it appeared on Facebook:
The Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD), a UK and Sierra Leone registered International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) on Tuesday 28th February 2017, donated several assets to its strategic partner, the Freetown Cheshire Home (FCH). The FCH is one of a number of Service Centres in 53 countries established by LCD. The FCH itself was opened by Sierra Leone's first Prime Minister; Sir Milton Margai in 1962 as a Home for the caring and rehabilitation of children with disabilities
As the home became independent in the early 90s, the government of Sierra Leone slowly took over the operations of the Home, which is now run by a Management Committee consisting of local and government representatives. The Home currently has 18 residents and 5 daycare disabled children. But non-disabled children in the community also attend the Primary School in the home.


In December 2016, LCD moved back into the FCH as tenant. At a meeting on Tuesday 28th February 2017, to strengthen relationships, LCD transferred over some of its project assets to the FCH, including a Toyota Hilux, 20kva generator, conference room furniture, and cabinets.
At the donation ceremony, the Regional Coordinator of LCD, Mr. Samuel P. Mokuwa said he was very pleased to be passing on these assets to one of its strongest strategic partners over the years. He said these were assets of a recently completed project and it is proper that they are now transferred to the FCH.


In responding to this kind gesture, the Chairman of the Freetown Cheshire Home Management Committee, Dr Abdulai Dumbuya (Abs) thanked the LCD and Mr Mokuwa personally for thinking about the home and providing these assets to the home. He promised that these will be used well by the home. For example, the Home will no longer become a dark place but the generator will now be used to light up the compound. Also, the pickup van will be used to ferry the wheelchairs of the children, especially when the home is struggling with a reliable bus to take the children to school. Dr Dumbuya expressed joy and appreciation on behalf of the management committee, staff and residents of the home, and hoped that this relationship would continue.
So that was Abs’ post on Facebook. What you may not know, is that Abs was himself a resident of the home between the ages of 5 and 16. It seems so right that he is now the Chairman of The Management Committee, and doing such an incredible job for the current residents and daycare attendees. 
Rob Lea, 12/03/2017