More Good News! 

If you read the blog 'Generating Support' dated 25th January (see below), you will know that the DST Office in Freetown was broken in to and the generator was stolen. The response to the blog and Abs' appeal on Facebook has been amazing, and some very generous people have come forward with financial help.
Abs has recently been on Facebook again and his post follows:
Dear Friends
You responded so positively and generously to the 'traumatic' theft of our office generator at the Dorothy Springer Trust. Thank you all so much.
Due to internet problems with our Internet Service Provider (ISP), I am only now posting this with pictures. I must admit the theft hit me really badly and I still think about a powerful generator which had served us well.


But your response to my public appeal for help was fantastic - friends all over the world; Japan, UK, US, Germany and Sierra Leone. What amazing friends you all are!
We are achieving exactly what we set out in my appeal; to strengthen our security in the office - from securing the gates to setting up modern alarms, to hiring local security personnel and getting a new generator (above)

Gen Cage Secure

Gen Cage
(The generator is in the locked cage - with a security sensor!)

As a result of this, we have been able to move on and continue to transform the lives of people with disabilities in Sierra Leone.
In fact, our intermediate level students are just finishing their course and will be graduating on 6th April, 2017. We are also already planning for a Digital Literacy and Numeracy programme, starting in May.
Thank you all friends for your support. Plenti tenki (in Krio)

I know that Abs has been so encouraged with the positive response from numerous people. And as he says, with the help of so many supporters, the life-changing work goes on......
In fact, a group of 15 people (teenagers and slightly older) will be travelling to Freetown next week (5th April) for an 8 day visit. The purpose and objectives of the trip are broadly:
* To help the group to more clearly understand the issues around poverty, disability and schooling so that when they return they can inspire other people to action.
* To encourage Abs and to understand more about the work of the Dorothy Springer Trust and the Freetown Cheshire Home.
* To continue and strengthen our links with Regents Road Baptist Church and the projects that EBC have been involved in with them in Freetown, Tombo, and Morcambai.
* By spending time in the schools in Freetown, Tombo and Morcambai, determine how we might partner with and support them in the future.
That's the plan, but what actually happens, I'll let you know when we return.
Excited from Bracknell........


Rob Lea, 01/04/2017