Freetown Traffic - Even More Scary! 

Many of you know that in April last year, a group of 15 people made a visit to Sierra Leone (See Blog: “Sierra Leone Visit 2017”). One of those people was a lady called Laura Kircough who was a teacher at Birch Hill Primary School. Laura took the very brave decision to fulfil the role of Head Teacher/General Manager at the Freetown Cheshire Home. In fact, she flew out to Freetown on 21st August to take up her new role.
Since then, she has made a number of significant changes and improvements at the home, and that work goes on with the support of many in the UK and Freetown. Although Laura has kept us amused (by blog and Facebook) with her exploits travelling around Freetown and beyond, it has been a source of frustration to her that she has not been able to do all that she might because of a lack of her own transport. Not any more! Laura recently put the following on Facebook and Abs replied…..

Laura: Wheels!!! Huge thank you to Abs Dumbuya and the Freetown Cheshire Home for fixing up this run down vehicle in order for me to gain some independence and hopefully help with transporting children and residents when needed! Look out, Freetown!! 
Laura 1
Abs: Anyone who has photos of the old vehicle, it will be great to compare the before and after. But it has had a complete overhaul, with Belgium (code name for good second-hand) gearbox replaced, complete undercarriage replaced, interior, windscreen, doors, resprayed, 4 new tyres, and so on...but Laura Kircough did not tell you that she drove fantastically well today in the middle of salone traffic! I wasn't next to her but have advised if you could drive here without swearing and screaming, you've not really driven in Salone! I guess we need to install a hidden camera for evidence..

We are currently building new accommodation in the grounds of the home, and hopefully this will be complete in the near future. The plan is that Laura will then move from her current 5 star hotel room (NOT!) in to the new quarters. What could possibly go wrong? In Freetown,...........!!


Rob Lea, 07/02/2018