Nudge, nudge...

How are things going with your dreams, goals and aspirations? Are you feeling in any way “new and improved” since lockdown began? I’m asking because having written and preached about these things recently I’m hoping that something might have clicked with you, as it did with me, at the time – and maybe a little nudge is in order by way of follow up.
So, let me ask you again to think about how you might emerge in some way “new and improved” as we begin to take tentative steps out of the lockdown scenario. What have you been thinking about, in terms of your own spiritual, mental, and physical development? What about your goals, dreams and aspirations? What do they look like for you… and have you written them down?
As I say, this is just a gentle nudge… I think this season many of us have had both a bit more time and a bit more of a reason to pause and reflect. Let’s not be lazy and squander the opportunity – let’s at least write some things down, and pray about them. What will you shoot for? What will you do differently? What specific relationships, or areas of your life will you devote some more prayer, energy and thought to?
One of my favourite proverbs says this –

A sluggard's appetite is never filled, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.

Proverbs chapter 13 verse 4 (New International Version)


Nudge, nudge…… If not now, when? If not you… who?

Every blessing


Simon Lace, 16/07/2020