Free to Believe

In recent weeks there has been a heightened awareness, nationally and internationally, about issues of racial injustice. Sadly, some extreme and polarizing voices have been unhelpful, serving to distract from some central truths that any fair-minded person would surely agree on.

There are some things that are just not right. I’ve noticed it’s become quite fashionable – and easy – to give a good bashing to the U.K. and the U.S.A. and surely, there are many things wrong in the West that it is right to acknowledge and seek to put right – to get our own house in order, so to speak.

But what if you heard that there were state-run forced labour camps in England, making people of a particular ethnicity produce goods for sale internationally, under police guard?

What if there was state legislation in, say, Germany, that declared certain groups no longer had rights enjoyed by other citizens?

What if a wedding reception in Florida, for example, was interrupted by a gang of armed men who murdered 15 people and wounded another 30 – just because of their faith?

What if, heaven forbid, your own church pastors were arrested for preaching the Gospel - and the church was burnt down?

These things are happening all the time, but we hear less about them because they are not, in fact, happening in the West. But, except for the locations, the “what ifs?” above are for real. Our partners at Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) are striving to ensure that everyone, globally, has the freedom to believe. Take a few minutes to look at their website which will show you exactly where these atrocities – and more like them - really are happening.


Or spend just over a minute watching this video which sets out CSW’s manifesto. You may recognise one of the speakers, our friend Dave Mance, who is CSW’s Campaigns Manager (he’s the one in the rather fetching cardigan!).

If you give regularly to EBC, you are already supporting the work of CSW – thank you. Please consider how you might further support their work – not just financially but by direct action, which you can learn about on their website.

Praise God for people like Dave and his team – and please keep praying for them and all whom they are trying to help.



Simon Lace, 23/07/2020