Feed the Fire

Ever since I was a child, I loved playing with fire. It has always fascinated me. We used to have a coal fire at home, and I loved to watch the flames dance. I also used to pinch matches to build fires, not only in the garden, but occasionally in the house. It is a miracle I am still here! The crowning moment of my brief time in the girl guides was on camp when they let me take care of the fire we cooked on.
So when we were allowed to start meeting together after the lock down my Life Group decided to try to meet in the church garden around a fire pit. It gave us much needed warmth and light, with the onset of Autumn. We were meeting to study and experience life in the Spirit. And the fire became a focal point and a living picture of the Spirit of God.  
Guess whose job it was to build the fire. Yes, me. No one else got a look in. It was my job to feed the fire, every week I arrived early to prepare. I brought paper, small twigs and bigger bits of wood and built the fire. I am afraid I cheated a bit to make sure it burnt well by crumbling up a firelighter onto the wood. Then during the meeting I kept a close eye on it and put big or little bits of wood as and when it was needed. 
As I stared at the fire it became a very clear metaphor. If we want the spirit of God to burn brightly within us, we must feed the fire. It struck me that every time I went out walking, I was watching out for wood and spent time and energy bringing it home. I got to realise that wood would be found in abundance after strong winds. I never really noticed it until a realised that I needed to feed the fire. I was feeding the fire not just for me but also for the people in my group. They benefited as well form the warmth and light. The fire was to be shared.
So how are we feeding the fire of the Spirit of God within us? What are the little and big things that need to be put in place for the fire to take? Are we watching out for them as we go through our days? And are we taking the time and effort to get the resources to feed the fire. What is the fire lighter for us spiritually that really ignites the flames? Do we recognise when the flames are fading? Am I ready to put fuel on the flames or will I allow them to fizzle out?
The saddest time of our evening meetings was when it was time to put out the fire.
Are we all taking responsibility for feeding the fire of the Spirit in each of our lives?

Stay well, stay safe and stay connected
Steph Littlejohn, 05/11/2020