Goals for Growth

Back in July, I shared a picture in these blog pages of a new football goal that my boys Samson and Harry had acquired, to replace their “little boys” goal.  It came together with a word I felt God had given me. Here’s the picture again –

goal posts

The message I got was that as we grow bigger, we need bigger goals. I’ve been wondering… this year has been a difficult one for all of us – so what are your hopes (and your goals) for 2021?
It always makes me a bit sad when people say they don’t make any New Year’s resolutions – particularly when they tell me it’s because they never last! I think that’s a bit defeatist, especially when you consider that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! (Philippians 4:13)
All things that line up with the Kingdom of Heaven and its King, of course… so what might those things be for you? I want to encourage you, with a few weeks to go before January 1st, to think and pray – long and deeply – about what “things” you want to accomplish in 2021.
Take some time over this. I recommend making a nice hot drink and sitting in a cosy spot to think about it awhile. Centre yourself on God, and – just between you and Him – talk through the areas in your life you want to work on, with His help.

God - life

Psalm 37, verse 4 says this:
Delight yourself in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart.
So what are the desires of your heart, in all these areas, for 2021? In which areas might you grow with God? How are you delighting yourself in Him? What needs to be pruned, and what needs to be tended or enriched in you?
Time spent praying is never wasted – so I invite you to pray into your hopes and dreams for 2021. This year has been tough. Let’s do all we can, with God’s help, to turn this year of overload into a year of growth.

May God bless you and keep,

Simon Lace, 10/12/2020