As well as the large social events we also run smaller social clusters. These are groups of people who meet regularly to enjoy a common interest or activity.
Our vision is for a varied and exciting schedule of events throughout the year that will appeal to a broad spectrum people. 
Clusters are a great way for people who have a common interest to meet in a relaxed informal manner. An opportunity to invite your friends along, connect with others and build friendships.
Our current clusters are:

Asian Dining Cluster (formerly the Curry Cluster)
led by Eileen Charlton (contact by email or via the church office)

Big Breakfast Cluster
led by Rob Lea (contact by email or via the church office)
Happy Wanderers Cluster
led by Joy Gratrex (contact by email or via the church office)

Knit and Natter
led by Maggie Gillson (contact via the church office)
If you are interested in joining in with any cluster events please contact the cluster leaders.

If you have an idea for a new activity and would like to lead a new cluster please contact Sallyann Lea who leads our Social Clusters via email or via the church office (01344 487744).