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Last year we covered some “Hot Topics” (Racial Justice, Disability, Abortion) and you can catch up on those via or YouTube channel - the talks were called “A Multitude of Sins”, “Nobody’s Perfect” and “Baby, Baby, Baby”, respectively. The response was such that we decided to cover some more Hot Topics this year, and here’s what we have lined up this September…
Sunday 4th September
 “Choose Life” – we begin the series with what is, in truth, the hottest topic of all! What choices are we going to make, what attitudes will we adopt? Faith or fear, urgency or apathy, gratitude or grumbling?
Our guest speaker Simon Guillebaud will be joining us all day, starting with a “men’s breakfast” at 9.00am (women are welcome too, but please change your name and wear a comedy beard). For those not coming for breakfast, refreshments will be available from 10.30am prior to the service at 11.00am. Following the service, about 12.30pm, there will be a BBQ for people to join in with and later on we are planning an interview plus Q & A with Simon, and lots of worship and prayer! Please make sure you sign up for breakfast and/or BBQ so everyone gets fed! (
Sunday 11th September: 9.30am and 11.00am
“No Visible Scar” – our Team Leader, Simon Lace, talks about the pain of loss and grieving, referencing a really helpful little book on bereavement (written by Richard Littledale) with this same title.
Sunday 18th September: 9.30am and 11.00am
“Behind Closed Doors” – our Ministry Director, Phil Marsh, opens the door on the difficult and sensitive issue of domestic abuse.
Sunday 25th September: 11.00am
“Needs Must” – come along to our Allsorts service and stay on as we enjoy a Harvest meal together. We will be looking at a very current hot topic this week – the cost of living crisis and how we as individuals and church family can respond.