Responsible and Accountable

I had a “block week” of online learning with Regent’s Park College this week – and it’s really made me think!
One of the things we were talking about was the importance of self-care – in other words, making sure that we look after ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It occurred to me that while our circumstances are very different from those of other people, and always changing, nevertheless we are all responsible for ourselves and accountable to God.
So, how are you doing? How are you doing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Is there anything that you need to change, amend, bring in, leave out? Who can help you? Who is there on the end of the phone, email, letter that can support you and share with you – walk with you and pray with you?
What’s your routine like – what are your patterns or rhythms of exercise, eating, sleeping, resting, prayer, Bible reading, silence or chatter with God? When did you last just stop doing and abide for awhile with Jesus? Sharing your thankfulness, your concerns and requests and yielding it all to Him in trust?
Have a think! And better yet, take some action! One of my hobbyhorses is the physical side of things because I know that neglecting our bodies (by not keeping them active, well nourished and properly rested) is a recipe for disaster. Well, the same is true for each of us mentally, emotionally and spiritually too. We are responsible for ourselves, and accountable to God.
May he richly bless you in the week ahead.
Simon Lace, 25/03/2021