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Welcome to our blog. Here you will find some of the reflections and thoughts on church life, leadership and general life from Steph Littlejohn (Minister) and Simon Lace (Team Leader). We hope you enjoy it!

Overseas Mission 

As I write this, our Lettings & Finance Manager, Kat Morling, is in Cambodia on a mission trip with her daughter Mai.

Kat is passionate about helping disadvantaged people around the world and has the lead on EBC’s overseas mission as a whole. This trip is the latest example of her putting her passion into action and no doubt we will get a full report when she is back. Please hold Kat & Mai in your prayers for their trip and a safe return!

While the church Kat is away, it falls to me to give you an update about another part of our global work for people in need…

Regulars at EBC will know that one of our partners in overseas mission is Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) and that we have been blessed to have visits from two wonderful members of the CSW team in the last year or so – Dave (Head of Campaigns) and Steven (South Asia Team Leader).

I received an email from Dave today flagging up a case in Nigeria they are working on and I hope that you will take a few moments to read it and respond. There is a hyperlink which takes you to a pre-written email you may like to send to lobby the Nigerian High Commissioner.

Also, you may want to take a few minutes to look at CSW’s website, where you can find updates on the cases they are working on, including that of Leah Sharibu, who is reportedly alive and well though still being held captive for refusing to renounce her Christian faith –

Here is the email from Dave (see below). Please read it and keep Dave, Steven and their team in your prayers, along with those they are seeking to help.

God bless – and see you in church.

Dear Simon,

This impassioned plea comes to you from 27 children in Nigeria who have been taken from Christian orphanages that were their home. 

The only father they’ve known – Professor Richard Solomon Tarfa, who founded the orphanages with his wife Mercy – was arrested on Christmas Day 2019 and has been held in detention ever since. He is accused of ‘criminal conspiracy and abduction’, but in reality, Prof Tarfa and his wife are falsely suspected of converting Muslim children. 

Campaign today for Professor Tarfa’s release by following this link:

As Mrs Tarfa was preparing Christmas lunch, armed policemen stormed the orphanage in Kano, demanding the Professor and his wife come to the police station for interrogation. The children were taken and put in a state-run institution, where they were later joined by children from the Kaduna branch of the orphanage, and where they are living in poor, cramped conditions. 
Prof Tarfa was detained, initially for running an illegal orphanage.  After proving this wasn’t true, he was taken to court on 3 Jan 2020 to face charges of criminal conspiracy and abduction. He was unable to meet the steep bail conditions and is still detained. 

The excessive charges and harassment of Prof Tarfa and his wife appear to be the resumption of a campaign to close the orphanage which began in 2002. 

‘Please all meaningful people around the world, we are calling to you come to our aid and stop this menace on our home. We want to be reunited with our family...’

Please join me today in answering their cry. 

Head of Campaigns



Simon Lace, 22/01/2020


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